Friday, February 4, 2011

The Cake War Gremlin

There is a war raging in my house.
A war that I am fighting off more and more often...

Each time I bake a cake, I live in fear as it sits on the counter, innocent and naive, unaware of what could be coming its way.  This beautiful, 10 inch round, chocolate cake, baked in Fat Daddio pans with a lid to make it perfectly flat and perfectly round...could suffer a hideous demise.

What could be so bad, you might ask...
I'll tell you what.
A gremlin attack.  Not the cute fuzzy one who started all the problems, but the mean gang leader one (Spike) who causes all the ruckus attack.

Sure, he might look all cute and fuzzy (he needs a hair cut, but at this length, he gets to have gel and styles and mohawks and OHMYGOODNESS...that must be why he is like is the common denominator...a MOHAWK!)  Give him one tastes of cake, and he goes nuts, searching high and low until he gets more.

So...I have resort to gorilla warfare.

Meaning, I have to creatively hide the cooling cakes on my counter tops.
Like this:

All you see (and Ethan at toddler level, even toddler level on a chair, I've checked) is a counter that is a bit too messy.  While that is generally true in my house anyways, this time it is not. This time, I started with a perfectly cleaned cabinet.
And hid this:

This cake survived the battle, but until it leaves my front door, it has not won the war.  (Though thankfully nothing has ever happened to a cake after it is decorated)

His older brother, let's call him FistFullOfClawMarksThatLookSuspiciouslyLikeEthan'sGremlinPrints chocolate 10 inch #1, was not so lucky.

Let us all have a moment of silence for FistFullOfClawMarksThatLookSuspiciouslyLikeEthan'sGremlinPrints chocolate 10 inch #1.

Thank you.

Now, let me get back to turning the younger, more vibrant and smelly cake, into a beautiful part of someone's big day...while Spike Ethan is asleep and can do no harm.

5 Words to brighten my day:

Stacy Hutchinson said...

If I lived at your house, I'd be clawing at your cakes too! You are torturing your poor kids with your cake business;)

PapaJeff said...

Creative hiding will defeat the gremlin every time! But who can blame him for trying? Aren't kids fun?

Lori said...

Love it, Jess. I'm sure it's super frustrating, but it gave the rest of us a good chuckle. ;)

Edible Art said...

i guess only a mom of a young child will ever get to experience cake hiding and defeat littleEthanGremlins !

very lovely & funny entry (:
def. put a smile to my face

superman said...

Nice photos! They are all look beautiful!

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