Thursday, January 6, 2011

Completely and Utterly Hopeless

There was a shooting at a local high school yesterday.  At a "good" high school, too.

And as I sat there and watched the news reporters be the asshats that they are, I cried, with fear, sadness, and I don't know what else (have I ever mentioned how much I hate crying?  I really do)

How could a child get to such a point that he felt there was no other options?
Today I watched the news conference (what I could, it was lunch time and the children were rather loud) and listened as they described the events leading up to the shooting.  Nothing seemed to out of the ordinary, though the shooter had been suspended earlier that morning.
Yet now, life for those students, facility and staff will be anything but for a while.

The office workers who thought they were simply hearing balloons from a party popping at first, won't be so casual and carefree anymore.
The family who lost their mother/daughter/child won't be.
And the family whose son did this, then fled the scene and turned his gun on himself will not, either.

The world we live in today is a scary place.  There is so much pain and sadness and misery.  It's sometimes hard to look through that to find the peace, joy, and happiness that we can have with a life centered on Christ.

It's up to each of us to talk with our children and their friends.  Let them know that no matter what, they can come to us in times of trouble, not just in times of joy.  Let them know of others they can turn to if they are angry or afraid or feeling violent.  I'm not saying that this child would not have done this had someone said that to him.  I'm not saying that his parents didn't say that to him, giving him only love and support.

I'm just saying...our actions matter.  Each and every thing we do affects others, whether it be for good or not.  Let's make a conscience effort to be more kind-hearted to those around us.  To say "I love you" and give hugs.  To not judge others.  To not choose to hurt others.

And mostly to just be more understanding.

So, tonight, as you tuck your babies into their safe warm beds, say a prayer for the Millard South family, for Omaha, for our youth...for peace and understanding, comfort and love.

Thank you.

6 Words to brighten my day:

Bean Sprouts said...

Many prayers to the entire community.
I can understand how you feel.

I was an 8th grader, locked down in my school for hours when Columbine occurred. Columbine High School was only 2 miles down the road.

Eventually normalcy returns...but it takes a while.

Erin W said...

Long time reader, first time commenter. Local commenter now, too. I'm in Fremont. :-)

I logged onto one of the news stations over my lunch hour, and watched in horror.

And yes, the local media is a bunch of asshats.

Praying for all those involved and affected by this.

Kathy said...

So sorry! That is so scary, thanks for your post.

Jessica said...

Erin, so glad to "meet" you! If you are ever in Omaha and want to grab lunch somewhere, let me know. And next time I go to Fremont to Precious Treasures, maybe we can meet then!

Erin W said...

Jessica - absolutely! I started reading your blog just after you had posted about Precious Treasures last! I was like, "Darn it - could have had a blogger meet up!" :-)

satodd said...

Jessica, it was so scary and senseless. And you are so right about the media. In my opinion, they should have NEVER interviewed the minor boys who went to Burger King (don't know if you saw this). But it's just bad reporting. Those boys had no more idea what was going on in there as anyone else. And they should have to have parental consent. Just my two cents. Great Blog!