Thursday, June 24, 2010


What do you fear?  Monsters under the bed?  The oil spill in the Gulf ?  Our current government?

Me, I fear MS.  Multiple Sclorosis.

And right now, MS is trying to bring my husband down...and me, I am in Louisiana, where I am unable to help.  I have had a nice time here and am glad we came (it's just bad timing, but who knew?), and I have the faith that my husband will get better, but for now, I can't help drive him to work, cut the grass, cook his supper, etc.  All I can do is nag him to get that doctor's appointment (he did, it's Friday), encourage him to do the best he can, suggest maybe he can work from home for a few days.  (Don't see why not, we have a phone with a head set, same as at work, and he has internet access...Bart's boss, if you are reading this, please tell him to do that!  He can be on 8.5 hours of conference calls from his couch just as easily as a few miles from home in his cube.)
I emailed our bishop at church, asked for help with the yard.  Because I am here in Louisiana visiting family, and Bart is sick, our yard will be it is, I bet our neighbors to the east of us probably think we are total white trash because we don't weed eat EVERY time we cut the grass.  But for Bart to cut the grass would worsen his current numb feet and other issues.  So, I figured I'd call around and ask for help.  There is one family at church who has cut our grass twice and done a fabulous job.  Figured I'd call and ask them to do it again.  Then I thought, just ask the bishop.  So, I did.  Swallowed that ball of pride, you know?
And though I am still worried about Bart and what is to be, I am calm knowing he will be taken care of.  I am grateful for a church where when there is a need, the members will do everything in their power to help.  Not only that, but I am thankful for priesthood blessings.  How amazing is it to be given the ability to be healed or comforted through a blessing from our Father in Heaven who loves us more then we can ever comprehend?  He watched his Son suffer the ultimate pain and agony, he knows how both I feel and Bart...he can bring comfort and peace and healing to His children.
I am also faithful that he will be okay in the end...and since a very left field opportunity came up for Bart to drive to LA and back home...all expenses paid (basically), I am faithful he will heal quickly.  So, I will pray each night (and ask each of you to do the same) to pray that Bart will heal without the need of hospitalization, so he can drive to his business trip, then to LA, with full health and function, no long term lasting effects of a horrible disease.  That he will be able to continue to play each day with his little boys that adore him and function as he should.  Maybe even a cure for MS, if you aren't pressed for time.
I do not talk about Bart having MS often.  It is that deep, dark, fear in the pit of my stomach fear that I keep to myself because I do not want pity or empty words or nothingness.  But today I call out to each of you, asking for a healing miracle for my husband, the "man of my dreams", Bart.  So, tonight, as you kiss your husband hello when he comes home, say a little pray for mine.
Thank you.
(Oh, and Bart, don't get mad I posted this...we need the faith of our friends and family to heal you!)

11 Words to brighten my day:

Angelkris said...

Mick is going to call him later and see if he needs anything. I'm not a great self starter do gooder, but just tell me what he needs and I'll get it to him or do it for him.

Lorin and Heather said...

Oh Jessica, I will keep him and you in our prayers. I hope that he will be able to meet up with you guys in La. I know all to well how debilitating MS can be as it affects my family as well. I have an Aunt who has suffered with it for almost two decades. I wish we lived closer so we could help in some way.

Bean Sprouts said...

I'm so sorry to hear that your husband is struggling with MS. I will keep your family in my prayers.
He is lucky to have such an amazing wife to help him though!

Amber said...

What a sweet post. I don't know you too well, but you and your family will be in my prayers.

Sarah Morgan said...

Jess, please let me know what I can do. I am more than willing to help out however I am able. Please, please let me help.

Lexi said...

Bart will definitely be in our prayers--110%! I hope that he'll be able to pull through too and not have to go to the hospital.

My old director at the Montessori school I taught at in Alaska had M.S. and we just knew that some days were better than others for her. When she could, she wanted to do the cleaning herself and would get frustrated if we tried to stop her. She always told us that she wanted to be able to help while she could and while she was having a good spell because she didn't know when a bad spell was coming. I still think of her often and wonder how she is doing. Maybe this is my wake up call to contact her and just do it!

What a scary thing to not know when or how it will flare up or what it will affect next!

Hope this won't affect your trip too much-- I know you must be so worried. Try to still have a good time and know that he's in good hands back home and that he is in many thoughts and prayers across the country. We love you.

Hippie4ever said...

I will definitely be praying!

Anna said...

Sending lots of prayers your way. Let me know if we can help in any way.

Jenn said...

I hope Bart isn't mad for you posting this. I think it is by the prayers of the faithful that can only help. Wish I would've read this 2 days earlier. His name would be on the temple prayer list too. Sending prayers of comfort and healing your way. Bless you both. Yall are amazing :)

Ashley said...

Hey lady I am off Mon, Tues, Wed. Is there some grass I could cut, weed eat, meals I could cook, dr appts I can drive him to?! Anything????

Bren said...

Not sure how I missed this post but just saw it today. You and your husband are in my thoughts!