Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

Yesterday was Mother's Day. We had a relatively nice day, free of too many pesky problems. It was my first Sunday since becoming Primary President, though, so that was a bit stressful for a while, but you know me, I roll with the punches.
We went out to eat at Cheeseburger in Paradise, which may sound cheesy, but is AWESOME! They have amazing drinks there (alcohol free, too!) and these sweet potato chips that are so yummy that even Brennan will eat them!
Overall a nice day.
Oh, and what did I get? An entire day and evening free of 'family fun' as I scrapbooked to my hearts content last Saturday! The best gift ever!
(Bart bought me a book about some hairdressers in TX that are also p.i.'s, but I had to return that one...sorry Bart, but it just wasn't for me!)

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